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Use datapump(impdp) to import a table : Oracle 10g

—– Procedure to import table from production system to test system ——
1. Copy the backup(dump) of  schema onto /backup_restor_only
$ gzip -d <name of the file>
2. After this gzping finished logon to SQL*PLUS and type below commands
SQL> create or replace directory import_dir as ‘/backup_restor_only’;
SQL> grant read,write on DIRECTORY import_dir to public;
3. Now before proceeding, take backup of table and create script for the table and keep it.
4. Now drop the table
5. Now go back to command prompt and type below command
impdp abc/abc123 directory=import_dir dumpfile=ex_28042010.dmp logfile=imp_standby.log tables=STANDBY
Successfuly imported
6. Creating indexes and other constraints would be done by default by IMPDP. If not created, create it from the script you have.

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