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ORA-19905: log_archive_format must contain %s, %t and %r

ORA-19905: log_archive_format must contain %s, %t and %r

During a go-live when a  database was being readied for a data guard setup we encountered,  the following error:
ORA-32004: obsolete and/or deprecated parameter(s) specified
ORA-19905: log_archive_format must contain %s, %t and %r
The database would not open even with STARTUP FORCE option.
A solution is given in metalink note 283507.1:


Could not startup the database in mount / nomount stage using Spfile as Spfile had wrong format
for archive log.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
1. Create a copy of the init.ora file. ( oracle_home/admin/pfile –> init.ora )
2. Edit the above init.ora to reflect the log_archive_format = ‘arch_%r_%t_%s.arc’
and log_archive_dest_1 = f:\archive
3. Shutdown immediate and Startup nomount with the above pfile.
SQL> shutdown immediate
SQL> startup nomount pfile = oracle_home/admin/pfile/init.ora
4. Create spfile from pfile
SQL> create spfile = ‘oracle_home/database/spfile.ora’ from pfile =
5. SQL> shutdown immediate
6. SQL> startup
7. SQL> archive log list — verify that db is in archivelog mode.

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