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Defer Log Shipping Oracle Data Guard

Sometimes it becomes necessary to stop the log shipping procedure without doing a shutdown of the standby database or server. For eg: IF there is a network related activity in you organization and there will be a network outage. You can defer the log shipping. Or if you are relocating your standby database server. Please note : Log shipping has to be  enabled explicitly later for the logs to start applying on Standby server again.
On Primary database server
SQL> alter system set log_archive_dest_state_2=DEFER scope=both;
this defers(delays the log shipping)
Now do a switch of logfile to confirm the logfile didnt come on the standby database. Alternately you can check from SQL command using.
On the primary server:
SQL> SELECT max(sequence#) AS “PRIMARY” FROM v$log_history;
On the standby server:
SQL> SELECT max(sequence#) AS “STANDBY”, applied
FROM v$archived_log GROUP BY applied;

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