Oracle DBA in KSA

Column masking is a simple way to hide you valuable data from certain users without having to apply encrypt/decrypt techniques and increase the column width to accommodate the new string like the old times. Through some simple configuration you can create policies to show your important columns as null without rewriting a single line of code on your application side.

There are 3 steps for accomplish column masking:

  1. A function to be used by the policy (function policy) created in next step.
  2. Use dbms_rls package to create the policy.
  3. Assign “exempt access policy” to users to be excluded from the policy. These users can see all data with no masking.

Step 1: Create Function Policy

This function will be called be the policy to create the column masking. Function name can be any name you select. In my case I called vpd_function. If predicate evaluated to true, then data will…

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