Exadata Part VI: Cell Administration with dcli

Uwe’s Brillaint article on the very powerful DCLI utility for Exadata

Uwe Hesse

An Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Full Rack comes with 8 Database Nodes and 14 Storage Servers (Cells). The Cell Administration can be done on the command line as user celladmin with CellCLI, as shown in previous postings already, but it would be an annoying task to do all commands 14 times. Therefore, dcli was introduced to enable us to control multiple Cells with a single command. It comes with a nice help switch:

[celladmin@cell1 ~]$ dcli -h Distributed Shell for Oracle Storage This script executes commands on multiple cells in parallel threads. The cells are referenced by their domain name or ip address. Local files can be copied to cells and executed on cells. This tool does not support interactive sessions with host applications. Use of this tool assumes ssh is running on local host and cells. The -k option should be used initially to perform key exchange with cells. …

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