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Setup SSH User Equivalence in Linux

Create SSH User Equivalence Between 2 Servers Linux

Lets say you have 2 servers : server1, server 2 and you need to configure password-less login between both the servers.

  1. Login to Server 1 and identify the .ssh directory exists under the home directory

Incase it doesnt exist you can create it

cd /root

mkdir .ssh

chmod 700 .ssh

On Linux for root user it is normally /root/.ssh

$ cd /root/.ssh

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

This will create 2 files id_rsa and One is a private key file and other is the public key file.

$ cat >> authorized_keys

Now copy this file to the server 2 using scp utility

$ scp authorized_keys root@server2:/root/.ssh
  1. Now on Server 2 identify the .ssh directory which should ideally be on the same location /root/.ssh
$ cd /root/.ssh

$ ssh-keygen - rsa

This will again create the public and private keyfile

$ cat >> authorized_keys

Now scope this file back to Server 1

$ scp authorized_keys root@server1:/root/.ssh

Now try top ssh between the nodes

From Server 1

ssh root@server2

From Server 2

ssh root@server1



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