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Shell Script to Monitor AIX Filesystem and Send Email

The Below Shell Script checks the Filesystem mount points and using AWK outputs all filesystem exceeding 90% space to a file called diskspacepoll. Once that is done the sed command removes any special character like ‘%’ from the output file and cleans it to a file called output.log
The next important logic is in the AWK block. Here a variable called pattern is defined using the threshold of 90%. Another variable called var is defined. This is your baseline metric. So it value of pattern exceeds var then the mail is dispatched else the script does nothing. You can put this in crontab as a every 5 minute job to continuously poll the filesystems and incase the threshold is exceed it will dispatch an email immediately to the admin

[code language="bash"]
df -P | grep -v Capacity | awk '{if ($5 >= 90) {print $5;}}' > /home/root/diskspacepoll
sed 's/[!@#\$%^&*()]//g' /home/root/diskspacepoll > /home/root/output.log
####### AWK LOGICAL BLOCK #########
pattern=$(awk '$1 > 90 {print $1}' /home/root/output.log)
if [[ $pattern > $var ]]
echo "Please Check with System Administrator" | mailx -s "90% Threshold of DiskSpace exceeded on Server 1 (ESB1)"


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