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Restore Table from RMAN Backup Oracle 12c

One of the amazing features of Oracle Database 12c is that now you can do a logical restore from a physical backup. Before 12c it was not possible to restore a table from a RMAN backup. This feature is amazing speciall when you have a large database and needs to restore a small table. One of the pre-requisites is you must have a Full Backup of the database and also archivelogs after the fully backup must be available. We can proceed to do the restore with below RMAN command
$ rman target /
AUXILIARY DESTINATION ‘/backups/rmanbkp’
HR.EMP is the table to be recovered from the RMAN backup
SYSDATE-0.22 is the time till where the table will be rolled back; this is to specify the point in time for recovery: UNTIL TIME, UNTIL SCN, or UNTIL SEQUENCE can be used
Auxiliary Destination is destination where a instance is created for the recovery process
REMAP TABLE clause is used to specify to restore the table with another name
Using this method even individual table paritions can be restored.

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