Oracle Cloud : Introduction

Oracle has been an incumbent to the cloud space having lost a lot of ground to Amazon and Microsoft.But that hasn’t stopped them to go all guns blazing at the cloud market. Playing on it’s strength of offering Enterprise Applications in a heavily crowded SaaS space along with PaaS and IaaS offerings. Oracle has been pushing aggressively to put their Enterprise on-premise customers to the cloud, their initial offering in this space was nothing to talk about. But the game has changed in the last year with the launch of the Autonomous Data warehouse and Transaction processing cloud .

So after months of trial & error I finally decided to get an Oracle Cloud account. I was not to sure about the general availability of Oracle cloud in Australia, but lucky for me it is available for trial in Australia, though the regions it shows available does not include a Australian availability zone
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.02.01 AM.png
To get an Oracle Cloud trial account (with 400$ AUD free credit for 3o days) all you need is an email address and a credit card. The credit card is not charged but only a hold of 1$ is put on the card and returned after 3-5 business days.

Head over to https://cloud.oracle.com/home to begin your trial
Once you are done with all the formalities it sends you a temporary password to the email address used for registration. Upon first login you are asked to reset the password.
And there you are, the Oracle Cloud Dashboard page

This is going to be series and in the next few posts i will be looking at creating an autonomous data warehouse and a transaction processing cloud database.

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