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Benchmark & Test URL with ApacheBench Tool

If you have a Linux server or Mac machine you can use the ApacheBench utility to do a quick benchmar for a URL

The utility comes installed by default on most CentOS installations

ab -n 10 -c 5 -d -S -q -I

-n is the number of request

-c is the number of concurrent request

-d -S -q -I are for hiding not required details

You can explore more of the utility by doing

man ab

In my current work it requires to benchmark e-commerce platforms to see how it can handle huge workloads and this tool comes very handy for the Linux geek in me which refuses to use GUI tools. You can also use it to monitor websites with your  URL and pipe it through grep & tail to get failed request

ab -n 10 -c 5 -d -S -q -I | grep 'Failed requests' | tail -c 2




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