Of Planes & Engineers

Moving from an Architect’s role to an Engineers role is a bit of a misconstruct when it comes to IT. But It all depends in where your passion lies.

Let me give you an analogy between IT and Aviation industry. I chose aviation as an example because they are a high tech industry with engineering talent similar if not better than ours. So let’s say Airbus is going to design a new plane and you will be the Architect for this planes design and execution. Your end goal is to make a fuel efficient & safe plane which sells for your company. On the other hand the same project requires a team of engineers to ensure the wing of the new plane meets the project expectations and integrate the new wing design with the rest of the fuselage. The same Engineers can be called in whenever the plane has a stability issue. Whereas the Architects role waters down once the product is launched but Engineers continue to play an important role in daily OPS.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked in both roles. Both roles are equally important whether it’s a plane your building or a scalable Web App. But to calculate drag co-efficient,lift angles & wind vortices to minimize drag on the wing is just a thrill on it’s own. Now go figure where lies my true passion 🙂

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