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Oracle 18c (18.3) DBCA Issue – [DBT-50000] [DBT-50001]

While creating a on-premise 18c (18.3) database with DBCA in the silent mode I got the below error

dbca -createDatabase -silent -gdbName ora18c -templateName General_Purpose.dbc -sysPassword sys123 -systemPassword sys123 -dbsnmpPassword sys123 -datafileDestination /u01/oradata -storageType FS -memoryPercentage 20 -emConfiguration NONE -sampleSchema false

FATAL] [DBT-50000] Unable to check for available memory.
[FATAL] [DBT-50001] Unable to check the value of kernel parameter {0}
I am not too sure what exactly causes that error but i am suspecting their is something in the kernel parameters which is not right for the 18c installation, especially since i did not install the 18c per-requisites RPM and my Linux is CentOS 7.5
The Solution to this problem is to call dbca with below parameter, it can be used for CLI and GUI both.
Full DBCA command

dbca -createDatabase -silent -gdbName ora18c -templateName General_Purpose.dbc -sysPassword sys123 -systemPassword sys123 -dbsnmpPassword sys123 -datafileDestination /u01/oradata -storageType FS -memoryPercentage 20 -emConfiguration NONE -sampleSchema false -J-Doracle.assistants.dbca.validate.ConfigurationParams=false

Prepare for db operation
10% complete
Copying database files
40% complete
Creating and starting Oracle instance
42% complete
46% complete
50% complete
54% complete
60% complete
Completing Database Creation
66% complete
69% complete
70% complete
Executing Post Configuration Actions
100% complete
Database creation complete. For details check the logfiles at:
Database Information:
Global Database Name:ora18c
System Identifier(SID):ora18c
Look at the log file “/u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbca/ora18c/ora18c.log” for further details.
It will give some warnings but it is due to not using a strong password. But it should not have caused at any issues in creating the database. Lets check with SQLPLUS
SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Mon Aug 13 03:13:45 2018
Copyright (c) 1982, 2018, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Connected to:
Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release – Production
SQL> select name,open_mode from v$database;
——— ——————–

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