Active – Active (Bi-Directional) Replication using Oracle Golden Gate 12c

Since it was announced in Early 2010 that Oracle GoldenGate will be the RoadMap for Replication for Oracle Database, The adoption of GoldenGate over Streams has been quite Rapid. The complexity of Streams has intimidated many adopters, specially for Multi-Master or Peer-to-Peer Replication. GoldenGate not only makes MultiMaster Replication easy but is so full of … Continue reading Active – Active (Bi-Directional) Replication using Oracle Golden Gate 12c


10 Largest Tables in Oracle with Size Greater than 1GB

Query to find out size of the 10 Largest Tables sitting inside an Oracle database which is greater than 1GB in size

Add string to query Oracle 11g

Suppose you have a query result and want to concatenate a string to that output for better readibility, it can be done using the Concat operator in SQL*PLUS   Select Name, Size  from Table ;   EMV_DATA                                     … Continue reading Add string to query Oracle 11g

Practical Oracle Security

One of the best books I have read on Oracle database security.It skips all the basics like what is a database and how it works etc, which most Oracle security books tend to emphasize on. It goes right into the meaty part by citing practical examples on how to secure the database. It's a must … Continue reading Practical Oracle Security

Free Monitoring tool for Oracle Database : Mumbai

Just found an amazing monitoring tool for Oracle Databases. All it needs is an Oracle client installed on your workstation. It is a completely free. You can find it here :