PRVG-1561 : Setting ORA_CRS_HOME variable is not supported

While installing Oracle 12c on Linux you can get this error. The solution is very easy just unset the ORA_CRS_HOME environment variable and run the runInstaller again

$ unset ORA_CRS_HOME


Library Cache Pin Wait Event in Oracle

The “Library Cache Pin” wait event is generally a wait event associated with library cache concurrency. Generally the wait event implies that a session is holding the pin in an incompatible mode.

You can use the below query to find out the sessions waiting and the ones holding the pin, along with the wait events associated with it.

column h_wait format A20
SELECT s.sid,
waiter.p1raw w_p1r,
holder.event h_wait,
holder.p1raw h_p1r,
holder.p2raw h_p2r,
holder.p3raw h_p2r,
count(s.sid) users_blocked,
v$sql sql,
v$session s,
x$kglpn p,
v$session_wait waiter,
v$session_wait holder
s.sql_hash_value = sql.hash_value and
p.kglpnhdl=waiter.p1raw and
s.saddr=p.kglpnuse and
waiter.event like ‘library cache pin’ and
waiter.p1raw ,
holder.event ,
holder.p1raw ,
holder.p2raw ,
holder.p3raw ,

Upgrade and Migrate to 12c – Oracle Official Presentation

A 600 slide presentation by Oracle DB Product Manager Mike Dietrich, to upgrade and migrate to Oracle 12c.


Oracle 12c now available for download

The long awaited Oracle 12c version ( with the In-Memory option is now available for public download. The standout feature of this release is as mentioned the In-Memory option in Oracle Database which will speed queries up to 100 times in some use cases.

You can download the release from the below link on OTN. It can also be downloaded from E-Delivery

12c Oracle Database is now available for download !

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