Fix Corrupted Veritas Filesystem VXFS

A Vertitas filesystem can sometimes become corrupted. This specially happens when your replicating a filesystem. So how do you fix that !? Well lets begin.Say your importing a  diskgroup called app-dgvxdg import app-dg#VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group app-dg: import failed: Disk is in use by another hostNow lets list all the disk groups on … Continue reading Fix Corrupted Veritas Filesystem VXFS


Reboot or Shutdown a Solaris System

The best and safest command to do a clean shutdown or a reboot of a Solaris server is the 2 commands below. There are many commands with which you can achieve this. But if you have many scripts in init.d for application like Oracle DBand Oracle RAC. Then shutdown command is the way to go, … Continue reading Reboot or Shutdown a Solaris System

Create Virtual Interface Solaris 10

Ocassionally you need to create a quick one node RAC setup for testing and one of the requirements is a private virtual interface. Virtual interfaces allow a single ethernet interface to listen on additional IP addresses. You can quickly do it in Solaris 10 so that the grid infrastructure setup can see the private virtual … Continue reading Create Virtual Interface Solaris 10