Installing Oracle Golden Gate 12c (12.1.2) along side Oracle Database 12c (

With the announcement of Oracle Golden Gate 12c, there comes a few new features that everyone is going to explore.  One new feature is the new way of installing Oracle Golden Gate.  In the past, the installation was simple.  Just copy the zip/tar file to the directory you want to install it in and unzip/untar the file.  Then from the GGSCI prompt run CREATE SUBDIRS.  Sounds simple enough. 

With the release of Oracle Golden Gate 12c, Oracle has finally created a Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) for Oracle Golden Gate.  The OUI finally brings the installation of Oracle Golden Gate into the same java interface as all the other Oracle products.  With this approach, hopefully, there will not be a need to unzip/untar as we have done in the past and an entry will finally get put into the OraInventory file.  In this post, lets take a look at how the…

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