Rotating Listener Logs without Bouncing the Listener

Kevin Kempf's Blog

The Trouble with Listener Logs

Is that over time, they’re easily forgotten about.  Then they get ginormous, and really unmanageable.  I think there used to be a 2gb limit, after which they’d just kind of stop writing, but I haven’t seen that recently.  Perhaps that was a 32-bit limitation, or a 9i limitation, unsure.  Regardless, I thought I’d share a nifty little shell script for linux which helps manage this issue.

There’s a basic problem with the listener log in Linux: while you can move/rename it, it won’t start a new log file until the listener is bounced.  This is because the listener data is written to the inode, and doesn’t take your change into effect until the listener is bounced.

This fix is based on the premise that you can use lsnrctl to set log_status off, which allows you to manipulate the underlying log file.  You can then set…

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