Golden Gate Bidirectional Replication Oracle to Oracle example

Vishal desai's Oracle Blog

In this blog I will try to show how to setup golden gate homogeneous bidirectional replication (Oracle <-> Oracle).

Software Setup:

Virtual Box 1: OEL 6.0, Oracle 11g, Golden Gate 11, Oracle Instance oralin11g
Virtual Box 2: Windows 2008 Server, Oracle 11g, Golden Gate 11, Oracle Instance orawin11g


Install golden gate and create sub directories.
Create golden gate schema in Oracle Database and grant required permissions.
Turn on database into archive log mode and supplemental logging.

Note: Below configuration is not from production environement. In actual setup you have to consider lot of other things such as performance, conflict resolution, test insert/update/delete, testing actual application workflows etc.


Setup Extract and dump trail on Virtual Box 1 (oralin11g):

GGSCI (linux6) 1> ADD EXTRACT ext1, TRANLOG, BEGIN NOW EXTRACT added. GGSCI (linux6) 2> ADD EXTTRAIL /app/oracle/ggs/dirdat/lt, EXTRACT ext1 EXTTRAIL added. GGSCI (linux6) 3> ADD EXTRACT dpump, EXTTRAILSOURCE /app/oracle/ggs/dirdat/lt EXTRACT added…

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