Adding a Logo to your APEX login page

Christoph's 2 Oracle Cents

To add a logo to your application’s login page is quite easy to do. I chose to place the company logo into the Login region, where the username and password fields are. To do this I edited the Login region on my login page (101). In the Attributes region is a place to put a Region Image. There I placed the reference to my company logo, which I had previously added to the images in the application’s shared components.

When I ran the page, I noticed that the image was a little too high for my taste.


I decided to add a top margin to push it down a bit. Using Firebug, I located the image and added a margin attribute, and played with the values until I had it in the right spot.


I made a note of the margin setting, and added it to the Image Tag Attributes…

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One thought on “Adding a Logo to your APEX login page

  1. Hi, I am new and trying to place company logo as background on login page. with your example i could see only in login form but not picture. However i would like to place the image as background. Your help is highly appreciated. I am using oracle Apex 5.


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