RMAN (Windows Script)

Create a Batch file with .bat extensionwith below contents :

set oracle_sid=orcl
rman target sys/sys@ecc nocatalog cmdfile=’F:\backup.cmd’log=’F:\rman_backup_full\backup.log’

Now create the file backup.cmd with below command :

backup incremental level 0 TAG ‘ORCL_DAILY_FULL’ database filesperset 4;
backup archivelog all not backed up 1 times;
delete noprompt archivelog until time “SYSDATE-7”;




8 thoughts on “RMAN (Windows Script)

    1. Your Welcome. It’s a pleasure to be of some use to others. When I struggle through Oracle, it was always reassuring to have many experts on the internet. The Oracle community on the internet is very kind, patient and helping.

      BTW you are free to share and distribute any content on my blog. Knowledge only multiplies my spreading. Cheers


  1. Thanks for the script, it works great, however i am running into issues with error message in the log file saying: “cannot BACKUP DATABASE in NOARCHIVELOG mode” how can i get around this, i have oracle 12c on a windows 2012 server.


  2. Finally got it working, however wondering where i can add to the script to save the backups to a certain directory and not the default location?


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