Flashback in SQL Server 2008

SQL Server and DB2 still dont have features like Flashback Table or Flashback Query. SQL Server has snapshots mimicking similar behaviour of Flashback bit it isn't as fine grained as Oracle. IBM DB2 has time travel query which again isn't on the same level  as Flashback. But all other RDBM's are playing quick catchup to Oracle.Get your act … Continue reading Flashback in SQL Server 2008

Guaranteed Restore Points Oracle 11g

Guaranteed Restore Points are a life-saver when it comes to Application changes.It can ensure that you can rewind the database to a time without tradional point in time recovery. Guaranteed restore points are basically alias'es for SCN's A normal restore point assigns a restore point name to an SCN or specific point in time.The control … Continue reading Guaranteed Restore Points Oracle 11g

Flashback Table to Timestamp 11gR2

Flashback Technology provided by Oracle is one of the most useful in a production environment. It is a life saver. You can even rollback a query to a point in time without requiring traditional database restore. I will demonstrate below how to do flashback a table to a point in time. But first you have … Continue reading Flashback Table to Timestamp 11gR2

ORA-38701: Flashback database log seq thread

The database does not startup, and gives errors like: ORA-38737: Expected sequence number 2483 doesn't match 2304 ORA-38701: Flashback database log 143 seq 2483 thread 1: These errors can be seen in the Alert.log file. These errors occur and prevent the database from starting up because, at some point prior, we were not able to … Continue reading ORA-38701: Flashback database log seq thread

Enable Flashback Database Oracle 10g

SQL> select * from v$flashback_database_log; SQL> show parameter db_file SQL> alter system set DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE=2g; System altered. SQL>  alter system set db_recovery_file_dest='/rman/ora_flashback'; System altered. shutdown immediate; startup mount; SQL> alter system set db_flashback_retention_target=4320; #for retaining for 3 days System altered. SQL> alter database flashback on; Database altered. SQL> alter database open; Database altered.