Oracle Database Logon Trigger

The various security mandates these days required a lot of auditing on the database. Though there are a host of various third party tools and Oracle tools (Audit Vault) available for this. In this exercise we will design a simple login and logout capture mechanism for the database. 1. Create Auditing Table create table SYS.LOGIN_AUDIT_INFO_ALL … Continue reading Oracle Database Logon Trigger

Check for Logon Triggers in Oracle

Query to check if there is any logon triggers defined for your database. Logon trigger is a  trigger which fires an event based on login to a schema/user. It can be used either for auditing purpose or some other event.   select * from dba_triggers where triggering_event like '%LOGON%';

Backup Controlfile to Trace : Automate using Triggers

PL/SQL Procedure to Automatically Backup ControlFile to trace whenever you are shutting down or starting up the database. 'ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO TRACE' command at database startup or shutdown. For DBA's requiring to take regular backup copies of the controlfile.It is highly recommended to systematically keep a backup of the controlfiles as soon as … Continue reading Backup Controlfile to Trace : Automate using Triggers