Parameter to prevent license violation with Active Data Guard

Uwe Hesse

Disclaimer: I got informed that the mentioned underscore parameter is not reliable on every database version and that it never was intended for customer use. That is also why the quoted MOS note has been removed. I leave the article in spite, because I know it got referenced by many sites. And don’t mess with Larry Carpenter 😉

Although Real-Time Query is a great feature, it requires the Active Data Guard option to be licensed AND it is very easy to turn it on. That has been a concern for some customers I encountered. Now I realized that we have an undocumented parameter to prevent exactly that. Thanks to Marc, who mentioned the MOS Note 1436313.1 in a recent comment!

I am here connected to a Physical Standby database, running on and don’t want to use Real-Time Query. The startup command would normally trigger the database to open READ…

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