ksvcreate: Process(m000) creation failed. Error in Alert log due to DNS ip change.

Today on one of our 10g (, don’t ask !) production databases  running on AIX 5.3 we saw the following message in the alert log.

ksvcreate: Process(m000) creation failed
The database slowed down to a crawl. We couldn't login even SQLPLUS, even sqlplus -prelim couldn't bring up the instance. On starting the instance we got the below error.

ORA-00445: background process “PMON” did not start after 120 seconds

After googling around, we figured out it could be related to a DNS change. Our old DNS was commissioned and the new ones were not added to the resolv.conf file. After adding the new name servers. The instance started immediately without any issues. I'm still wondering what is the relation between the Oracle instance startup and the DNS ip's. Could this be a bug specific to or is it something more generic.


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Article by: Shadab Mohammad