Exploring the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter

Ed Stevens, DBA

In my previous post ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service I mentioned the role of the initialization parm LOCAL_LISTENER in dynamic registration of the database instance to the listener. Now I’d like to deliver on my promise to explore that piece of the puzzle.

To quickly recap that post, there are two methods by which a listener comes to know of a database instance. In Oracle terminology, this is referred to as “registering with the listener.”

Static Instance Registration

The first – and older – method is static registration. In this method, the instance is listed in the SID_LIST section of the listener’s configuration file, “listener.ora”. Such a registration would show in the listener.ora like this:

Fig. 1

And that static registration shows up in the listener status with a status of UNKNOWN:

Fig. 2

At Fig. 2, line 24, the status is UNKNOWN because there is no…

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