Script to collect Diagnostic Information in a Dataguard Environment

Shivananda Rao

I’ve come across many posts in the OTN forums wherein the OP faces sync issues between the Physical Standby and the Primary, but there wouldn’t be much details provided to identify the loopholes. This post provides a couple of scripts which would pull out the required dataguard configuration parameters and the diagnostic information needed to identify where the issue lies and to identify on what’s happening.
The following script needs to be run on the Primary Database. Do not worry, the script doesn’t has a shutdown command 🙂

On the Primary:

Run the following script on the Physical Standby:

On the Standby:

Script to gather Standby Sync Details:

In addition to the above scripts, this script helps in monitoring the standby. It basically lists out the last archive that has been received on the standby and also the last archive sequence that has been applied on the standby.

Script to…

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