Advanced Queuing Dequeue Freeze


The Issue

We have been running an Advanced Queuing solution for a while now, and with a frustrating regularity we were seeing messages building up in our queue table and the dequeue process seeming to think that there was no work for it to do. These were messages that had a time delay set before being ready for dequeuing. Messages queued without a delay were processed at all times.

This was a RAC system running

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this problem was that Oracle Support effectively refused to look into the problem because we had the parameter aq_tm_processes set. Aparently the recomendation in 10g is to have this parameter unset. Of course if this parameter is currently set you can’t actually unset it without a bounce of the database, which is not something you can automatically perform.

The Workaround

While awaiting the chance to bounce the database…

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