503 – service unavailable oracle apex

This error usually would come up on your APEX/ORDS instance if the user apex_public_user has expired. The quickest solution is to reset the password for apex_public_user and set it to a profile without any password expiration policy


1. Check user apex_public_user has expired

set lines 999

select account_status, profile
from dba_users
where username = 'APEX_PUBLIC_USER' ;


2. Reset the apex_public_user password

SQL> alter user apex_public_user identified by P@ssw0rd! ;


3. Go to ORDS config directory

$ cd /u01/conf/ords/conf/


4. Edit the file apex.xml which has the password stored as a hash value

/u01/conf/ords/conf:12cR2--> vim apex.xml


5. Add edit the db.password tag with the new password

<entry key=”db.password”>P@ssw0rd!</entry>

Save the file & Restart Apache Tomcat




Helpful Resources to Troubleshoot Error :

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Article by: Shadab Mohammad