HTTP 404 Not Found The Request Could Not Be Mapped To Any Database After ORDS_PUBLIC_USER Expired

Error : The request could not be mapped to any database. Check the request URL is correct, and that URL to database mappings have been correctly configured

Reason : This error usually occurs when you ORDS_PUBLIC_USER password has expired and after you reset the password you need to add it to the apex.xml and apex_pu.xml file again

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Solution :

  1. Reset ORDS_PUBLIC_USER in CDB alter user ords_public_user identified by Password1234#_ account unlock ;
  2. Uninstall ORDS : java -jar ords.war uninstall
  3. Go to ORDS directory and ords/conf and for each connection pool XML file edit it and modify the db.password field for all the XML files with the new password for ords_public_user. Make sure to precede the password with ! to enforce encryption after saving it.

cat apex_pu.xml


Change the entry db.password with ! and new password and save the file


  1. Reinstall ORDS

java -jar ords.war install

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Article by: Shadab Mohammad