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3 thoughts on “Unix Scripts

  1. Hi Shadab,
    I m new to oracle.We have oracle 10 G database installed on solaris server.I wanted to take the cold backup of the database,but I m not able to find the datafiles ,ctl files and log files on the location retrived by firing the select * from v$datafile etc.How can I find the correct location of these files..


    1. Hi Devendra,

      It’s strange that your database is open and the v$datafile query is not returning any rows. Did you set the correct ORACLE_SID parameter. Find out your instance name using:

      ps -ef | grep pmon

      Based upon the result set the ORACLE_SID parameter as below.

      export ORACLE_SID=’SID’

      Then login to sqlplus as sysdba again and do the query for v$datafile. If you still don’t get it then go to alert log location and check the alert log from beginning it will have some information.


  2. In my opinion cold backup is not good strategy for database backups. You can recover your database only till the full backup time. It’s better to enable archivelog mode and take hot backups with RMAN.


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